Sunday, November 30, 2014

First Grade - Fall Fun!

First Grade - Fall Fun!

It's been a busy month or so in First Grade.  We have completed a number of projects that relate to the traditional changing of the seasons.  While our seasonal changes are pretty subtle compared to other parts of North America, there are definite seasonal markers associated with the months of October and November.

All projects posted are on display in the Third Grade hallway.  Check them out before they disappear over the Winter Break!


Our first foray into the season involved pumpkins.  The children were shown a simple way to draw a pumpkin (think center oval, then 'bumps' added on either side using the letter "C" or a backwards letter "C" to flesh it out) using a black crayon.  The students then applied the color...learning how to mix their own shades of orange using red and yellow tempera.  Oh, the magic of paint!


Our second activity involved a directed drawing of two pilgrims, a boy and a girl.  Simple color was added using Crayola multicultural crayons and a single pop of bright color for the background.

These turned out really well!  Thanks to Sylvia Parker at
Learning With Mrs. Parker for the great project idea.


 Our final fall project involved the creation of Thanksgiving turkeys.  Again, we used a directed drawing to walk students through the process of creating a turkey.  Then, watercolors were provided and creativity in how color was applied (realistic versus imaginary) was unleashed.  The results are pretty amazing.

Thanks to Patty Palmer over at Deep Space Sparkle for the idea.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Kindergarten Trees

Kindergarten Trees

Our Kinders have been working very hard these past months.  We have been learning many things in Art class...all about lines and designs, different media (pen and paper, watercolors, crayons,  tempera), and different skills (cutting and pasting, listening to and following instructions, how to properly use our tools).

We finally have a completed and very beautiful project on display in the Third Grade hallway.  Over three weeks, Kinders learned the difference between realistic and imaginary trees, along with some basic color mixing with crayon.  The second week, they added fall colors using tempera in red and yellow, learning the secret of the color orange in the process.  The third week, they 'glued' tissue paper onto watercolor paper using liquid starch.  These multicolored pages were then turned into gorgeous fall leaves and added to their painted trees.

Be sure to visit the will disappear over the Winter break!


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Art Smash Saturday Success!

Art Smash Success!

Our first Art Smash Saturday was a great success!  About 40 parents, children, and grandparents participated in our printmaking workshop.  Five stations were provided, each featuring a different approach to printmaking.  Offered were foam or relief printmaking, collagraphs, stamping, monoprinting, and gelli prints.

Everyone had the opportunity to visit each station, and many were repeat visitors to their favorite(s).  Parents and children worked together on projects and then everyone had the opportunity to work on their own.  The atmosphere was relaxed and parents enjoyed time creating art with their children and socializing with other adults.

One of the most exciting stations was the gelli printing, a relatively new addition to the art and craft world.  Gelli prints are juicy, fast, easy, and yield beautiful results every time!

Second Grade Geodes

Second Grade Felted Geodes

A few weeks back, Second Grade enjoyed their first felting experience.  With the assistance of many volunteers and donated supplies, students and parents crafted geodes out of colorful wool roving to coincide with their recent thematic unit on rocks and minerals.

The wool roving was wrapped in layers, bright colors on the inside and duller, earth tone colors on the outside.  Once the roving balls were finished, they were dunked in warm, soapy water and then squeezed and rolled for ten to fifteen minutes.  A quick rinse under cold water to remove the extra soap and a turn in Ms. Tara's dryer at home finished the felting process, and the geodes were ready for the great reveal!

The students were very eager to see their geodes and asked me incessantly whenever they saw me on campus.  They were so cute when we opened them up for them!  A number of our staff loved the project so much that they made their very own geodes, too!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Art Smash Saturday! 15 November 2014

Art Smash Saturday!

What: A morning of art exploration for parents AND children with Ms. Tara, Bay View's Art Teacher.  The focus will be on


Try your hand at monoprinting, relief printing, engraving, collographs and stamping!

When: Saturday November 15, 2014
9 A.M. to 12 Noon

Where: MUR at Bay View Academy

Cost: $10 per person, $25 per family

Pre-registration (through the Main Office) is recommended but not required.  Cash or check payable to Bay View Academy.  All proceeds benefit the Art Program.

***Please note that parents must accompany their children to this event.  Childcare is not available.***